I know that almost every author (Including me) starts with an idea for a story at first, and has no idea what to do with it. After years of writing stories and never figuring out how to use elements and good writing skills, I finally made my own pre-writing system. It is easy to use, and as you do it you can see your story unfolding.

Step one: Characters. Write down the names of every character you plan on using in your story, and maybe even draw yourself a reference picture. Then, write down the age,physical description, background info, and any other add-ons you would like.

Step two: Timeline. Write down every event you want to show up in the story on a separate sheet of paper. Then, write them down in the order you would like them to happen, leaving about 2 lines in between each event.

Step three: Character conflicts. On another sheet, write down all of the character conflicts that will happen throughout your story. Figure out where they go among the extra lines on the timeline paper.

Step four: Additional characters/ideas. Last but not least, read through your timeline and character conflicts. Think of characters you might want to add, or events you should place within the story.

I hope this plan works for everybody:) For more tips/stories from me go to my site. Thank you!


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