Her Story

My friend wrote this and it was left on my computer. It was very grammatically incorrect, and made no sense, so she wanted me to edit it and turn it into something beautiful.  

A girl is drug to the bottom of the ocean, still squirming. A group of divers comes by, and she smiles. They ask her if she is ok, and she says she is, but she is obviously drowning . Life is like the divers and the drowning girl. When she needs help the most, people can see that she needs help, but they’d rather not get involved. When people do want to help you, you are scared they are going to judge you for who you are. There are always those people that stay and share the oxygen with you, but they eventually forget .You are left alone to hold your breath, and sometimes the people that give the air run out, and they can’t hold their breath any more . The people that forget don’t care. Not holding your breath is the suicide of life, but the people that do make it back feel left alone .

   The girl had a friend that she landed next to . The girl would rather stop breathing than let her friend let go. There are times that start to float but then sink back down again, but she promised herself she would bring the family name to the surface . One day she would marry, and have children that are happy, and go to a nice school. At the bottom she will learn of the labor she will have to endure to fix her life, and do those things. She wants the best for her future, and of her kids . She hopes the best for the world to come around, but for now her soul lives at the bottom of the ocean . We are living to exist unless we live in the the past. That is what the girl did not realise, and neither  did her friend. And until she accept that and takes care of the crucial  problems in her life, she will live at the bottom of the ocean for life. She may raise the scientist  that cures the world of disease, or be the next  Gandhi or King jr, but all i know is she is going to try her best at life and give it a chance before she throws it away. Her friend on the other hand doesn’t know what to do.



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