Paralyzed (My song)©2015 Abigail Badertscher


I’m falling down, in this world of pain and memories

I know, it hurts, but you’re by my side

Breathing me back to life.

I feel,the pain,of a thousand needles

I hear, the words,of a million people

I mark, my skin, then regret it later

I need,someone, to make me feel better

Chorus #2)

I need, i need, someone to bring me back to life

’cause right now, right now, I’m paralyzed

It’s dark, and i, need to see the light

Can you, help me, and take away this knife?

From me, from me, so i can stay alive


You’re the, only one, who makes me feel human

You make, me feel, like i’m worth it

and like I’m perfect

Your eyes, your eyes, they make a perfect battle scene

Every, problem, ready to tackle



You bring, my soul,to the surface

So that,i can, make it look perfect

But it’s really broken, and everybody knows it, that i fake it.

(chorus#1 times 1)


Sticks and stones, may break my bones

But words they kill

(chorus #2 times 1)

from me, from me, because I really have to show

That I, that i, will never leave you alone.


Thank you guys, and comment if you would like me to post more of my songs.



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