i’m crying as i type this

my whole world is crashing

i can’t see clearly

and my heart is pumping

the cuts they sting

the pain pills bring

i think i see the light

so maybe this is goodbye.

you see, my father he got a girlfriend

and he loves her more than anything

even his own daughter

who has her ass in therapy

he won’t admit that she abuses me

with all this emotional hurt

so he hangs up the phone while i’m out in yakima, detained.

I stopped going on the weekends

but my ma ain’t any better

she yells cause she’s stressed like i cut when i’m depressed.

my ears can’t take the sound and my heart can’t take the words

I find comfort in a bottle of cough syrup.

My dysphoria is killing me

born in the wrong body

i don’t have the option to fix it

because my momma says no.

my life is broken, my heart is shattered

my arms are bleeding and my life is over.

goodbye? or i’ll see you tomorrow?


7 thoughts on “Bye

  1. Oh darling, I’m so sorry. Please know that there are those like myself, who have been where you’ve been and do in fact care.
    Please, stay safe, be here tomorrow. You do matter ❤

    I'll keep you in my thoughts.

    Liked by 1 person

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