hey guys. I need to say something. I may seem happy and just a morbid poem writer. But really i am a suicidal transgender teenager who just lost everything in his/her life that made them happy. the only reason i’m alive is my best friend, and i’m still on the edge. I can’t stop cutting, and i’ve been caught popping pills. I’ve been to 3 mental hospitals in a 3 year interval. I cry myself to sleep. i listen to music to get away.  My dad hung up on me in the mental hospital in october and practically said his girflfriend was more important to him. I decided i need to come clean and show my scars/cuts. Some are old some are new.IMG_20151215_211820.jpgIMG_20151215_211609.jpgIMG_20151215_211634.jpgIMG_20151215_211657.jpgIMG_20151215_211711.jpg


6 thoughts on “Confession

  1. This is so tough for me. I have a couple friends who are gay and I see how hard it is for them when people don’t accept them. It breaks my heart. You need to surround yourself with those who accept you for who you are! Your dad most likely doesn’t understand it and thinks its a phase you’re going through. I hate people like that. You seem like such an amazing human being and you know what. Screw whoever doesn’t like you. Forreal. You are you and that is all that matters. keep talking to your best friend and try to keep your head up. Don’t turn to pills. It’s tough to deal with any type of addiction. I used to cut i know what a relief that can be. maybe try rubber bands. it helped me a lot when i was trying to stop cutting. if you need anyone please reach out. you’re not alone. you never will be. sending many many hugs your way!!


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