500 likes and 88 followers!

500 likes and 88 followers!

Thank you guys so much for supporting me in the few months I’ve had this blog. I really appreciate it, and I hope to gain 100 followers soon. I will be posting more often because I was busy the past month, so hopefully you like my newest work!


The hour

when everyone goes to sleep
And the moon is nestled high in the sky
that’s when the normals close their eyes
and the writers come out to play.


I’m sorry your words took hold of me
I’m sorry i let your love get to my head
I’m sorry our last breakup was our 3rd
I’m sorry you said those hurtful things

I’m sorry I cried all night that night
And I posted that picture of the blood on my hands
I’m sorry you didn’t call the police
And I’m sorry this is my last goodbye