Don’t judge a book by its cover

Hey guys! I have another video up. (Sorry i haven’t been on so long,, i’ve been busy and sick.) This one is about my views on judging people and haram police and all that stuff. I hope you enjoy 🙂



You don’t want to eat that,

You’re not hungry, I swear.

That fatigue that you’re feeling?

Is definitely not there.

You’re getting even prettier,

With every bite you refuse.

Soon you’ll be thin,

And you will love you.

Yet another video :)

I have made another video. This time i talk about the elements to converting to Islam, and my battle against an eating disorder that i overcame with the help of my family and Allah. (I did cry a little but i edited most of it out.) I would really appreciate and love you guys if you’d watch my video and like, comment, subscribe. Let me know what you want to hear next. Thank you! 🙂