How I overcame Depression

Today i uploaded a youtube video reaching out to those of you who struggle with depression, anxiety, low self esteem, or eating disorders. I hope you get he chance to watch and I hope i help some of you out,Insha’Allah. Thank you and have a great day my beauties. ๐Ÿ™‚


New Video! (My battle against myself)

Hey guys! I’m so sorry for being inactive for so long. My family was having a lot of struggles and I needed to take some time off. But I’m back ๐Ÿ™‚ I created my first YouTube video and I hope you guys watch and enjoy it. Thank you!

I can’t

I can’t do it anymore

can’t feel my heart

can’t hear my screams

as my skin tears apart.

can’t taste the pills they shove down my throat

can’t find another place to go

I can’t say goodbye

can’t stop my hands

can’t stop the pain inside

I can’t live.

but i know not a single soul cares…

Question needs answering…

Question needs answering…

Hey, so i know this isn’t a site like yahoo or reddit, but I really need some advice. So, my mom has been acting really transphobic lately. We’ve been having arguments, tried to talk seriously, and nothings working. The most recent problem is my hair. It’s a pixie with long bangs (as seen in picture) and my mom refused to cut it shorter when she cut it a month ago. So, yesterday i asked her if we could cut it shorter, or if she wanted me to do it. But she flipped out and said no. I really want this, and i even relapsed with cutting. (Yes, i’m going to tell my therapist) and when i told my mom, she just yelled at me and said i was stupid. I don’t know why, but my hair is the only reason i don’t pass as a guy. What should i do? there’s no possible way to style it that looks short or good. What options do i have? I guess i should just do it, but i’m afraid of what she’ll do. She most likely won’t hit me, but i’m a wuss. Also, anxiety man. Please help.

Wrong Body (How it feels)

imagine you’re trapped. Trapped in a cage with 100 locks, yet everyone around you is free, mocking you. You tell them “I don’t like it in here,and i know a way out.Can i have the key?” But they wave bibles in your face, and throw out harsh opinions. your mother, the one who is supposed to protect you, walks up and says “No, this is where you were intended to be. therefore, it’s ok.” It’s ok that you’re starving, cold, and lonely? You’re just a bit too far away to reach the key, because apparently if you unlock the cage, you’ll regret it forever. So, left alone, all you can do is die. And it doesn’t seen so bad.

How about now?

How about now?

I tell you of my differences

that i am not what i seem

i wipe off all my makeup

and throw away my frilly things

cut my hair and put on a hood

oh my goodness, i feel so good.

but wait.

you don’t like it, and i’m offending you?

you say this isn’t something i should choose.

you say i’ll never be the same

and i’m taking your “precious” daughter away.

you say “i’m losing you”

“You’re not my kid anymore”

you know, when i hit a certain age

i’m walking out that door

so i put on my makeup

and throw on a gown

you know that I will never be happy

but do you love your “precious” daughter now?