I can’t

I can’t do it anymore

can’t feel my heart

can’t hear my screams

as my skin tears apart.

can’t taste the pills they shove down my throat

can’t find another place to go

I can’t say goodbye

can’t stop my hands

can’t stop the pain inside

I can’t live.

but i know not a single soul cares…


Losing It

Smiles and nightmares

Kill yourself but watch it die

Laughter and tears

And numb hurting

Eyes of the devil

But I have a black halo

Twist you in my little fingers

And eat your helpless soul

Wake up from this lucid dream

Entrapped in your own chains

Straitjacket of lies

laugh at the pain

Not Crazy

I swear I’m not crazy

Or is that what crazy people say?

Ok, I’m barely crazy

No way?


Alright, I’m only a little crazy

Oh, I’m in denial?

Fine, I’m just crazy

What, is there more?


I confess, I’m crazy

Borderline insane

But you can only do so much

when all you feel is pain.