You know

you know your love is real, genuinely pure, when you savor every “I love you.”

when every hug makes you warm.

every glance makes you smile.

When every laugh makes you fill with joy, and even a single word can make you love them even more.

When you don’t have to look your best for them to tell you you look stunning. When you still want to.

You know you love them when you cry, and they wipe the tears away from your sad eyes. When they know your pain.

When you do the same for them every day in return without regret.

You know, when you just know.

That day

that one day you find out your crush likes you, and you realize all the secret thoughts, whispered flirting, and touching knees meant something. Then your heart starts to beat like a drum, and you decide to go for it. That happened to me today, and now i’m wondering whether or not to go for it. ❤

Flicker Ch.1 first few paragraphs ©2015 LB

Flicker Ch.1 first few paragraphs ©2015 LB

I sat in the red plush chair, waiting for him to show up. We had met online in a book review forum about 3 months ago. We had many of the same interests, and soon we were dating over phone and Skype. When we found out that we lived only 30 minutes apart, we set up our first arranged date, which was right now.

“Come on, Josh.” I said as i checked my watch for the 3rd time. Just as i was starting to doubt him he rushed through the door, and sat down across from me.

“I’m so sorry I’m late, Kris,” he exclaimed, running his hand through his blonde gelled down hair, “there was crazy traffic.” He looked genuinely sorry.

I smiled to let him know it was okay, and he hugged me, “Finally, i get to really see you.” He said.

I hugged him back with joy, and sat back down to sip my coffee. When the waiter came around he asked for some of his own, and offered to pay for mine. It was sweet, but i declined because I wanted to be responsible. I admired his silver and purple tie, and complimented him, “Your tie looks nice. Along with your suit.”

He blushed, “Thank you. I,uh,I like your dress. Black looks good on you.”

I smiled, “Thanks.” But for some weird reason, it didn’t feel right.