my friend dared me to do a full face of makeup. She knows i’m trans, so it was a big dare already. Then she said WITHOUT MY GLASSES. So, here ya go.


How about now?

How about now?

I tell you of my differences

that i am not what i seem

i wipe off all my makeup

and throw away my frilly things

cut my hair and put on a hood

oh my goodness, i feel so good.

but wait.

you don’t like it, and i’m offending you?

you say this isn’t something i should choose.

you say i’ll never be the same

and i’m taking your “precious” daughter away.

you say “i’m losing you”

“You’re not my kid anymore”

you know, when i hit a certain age

i’m walking out that door

so i put on my makeup

and throw on a gown

you know that I will never be happy

but do you love your “precious” daughter now?

DIY Face primer, Setting spray, and highlight

DIY Face primer, Setting spray, and highlight

So, yesterday I did some researching and trial and error, and made three very useful and cheap items that can be made with products found in your bathroom cabinet.

Face Primer: (lotion bottle) Ingredients: Foundation (Or coco powder/hot chocolate/eyeshadow), moisturizer, and aloe vera gel.

Mix 1 tablespoon of moisturizer, 1 tablespoon of aloe vera gel, and 1/2 a teaspoon of foundation for two minutes in preferred container. Keep contained in a room temperature area.

Setting Spray:(Spray bottle) 6 tablespoons of water (Or 3 for less product), 2 (or 1) tablespoons aloe vera, And, if preferred, a couple drops of essential oils.

Mix all together in spray bottle and shake. Shake every time in use.

highlight: (Blue eos, yes i taped a lid to the top so it would stand and not go through the little grate in the bottom.) Moisturizer, white (shimmer preferred) eyeshadow, and i used a dollop of whitening cream for extra effect.

Mix 1 tablespoon moisturizer, about 2 teaspoons of white shimmer eyeshadow, and (Optional) a small dollop of whitening cream) in preferred container and keep in room temperature.

There you go! I hope this works for you, because it’s cheap and can be adjusted to your skin type. (Also has way less chemicals than the store bought stuff.)

Comment to tell me how it works, or ask any questions. Also, i would like to know what you guys want me to do next. Thank you!