My daily Skincare Routine

My daily Skincare Routine

so, I know i don’t normally do this kind of stuff, but i just recently bough new products and changed my routine, and my face is already clearing up and my dark circles are fading.

Products: Cleanser/exfoliate/face mask by Oxy. (3 in one face cream.)

Toner made by Simple, alcohol free with no harsh chemicals.

Bleaching Cream by Black&White, safe for sensitive skin and moisturizes while getting rid of any dark spots.

Moisturizer by Clean and Clear, Dual action lotion that hydrates AND treats acne.

Lip balms made by Vaseline and JrWatkins, vaseline lip care tints/hydrates lips, and JrWatkins locks in moisture and exfoliates naturally.

sometimes, about twice a week, i go in with a mixture of essential oils my mom made for me (we’re hippies :P) and it hydrates while giving you a good scent and natural glow.

I go in this particular order in the morning:


Eye cream



lip balm.





eye cream


lip balm.

In 3 days, my acne decreased by about 4o% and my dark circles/wrinkles have faded immensely. These are all drugstore/walmart products and each is under $10, and some are as low as $2. Hope this works for you guys, and good luck!