New Hijab tutorial video!

Hey there my friends! I just uploaded my most recent video on 4 different ways to wear hijab. there is one style for everyday wear, one for sports, for glasses, and one for people who do not own or want to wear an undercap. I would greatly appreciate if you would like and subscribe, and comment what you would like to see more of. Thank you 🙂


New Video! (My battle against myself)

Hey guys! I’m so sorry for being inactive for so long. My family was having a lot of struggles and I needed to take some time off. But I’m back 🙂 I created my first YouTube video and I hope you guys watch and enjoy it. Thank you!


Quiet and emotionless, yet your eyes tell a story. They’re full of everything you’ve ever felt, everything you’ve ever seen. Every lost love. You hold back the tears, for fear of losing those little treasures. Because what was once pain is now your silent agony. Holding on to broken memories, like shards of glass that cut and sting. You can’t let go, can’t feel the pain of what’s on the other side. You’re just a child, too afraid.

the earth breathes

the trees sway in the cold, cold breeze
and the raindrops pierce the the graceful wind
you stop for a moment and feel the earth
all around you, it seems to breathe.
the moon settles among the stars
that tickle the sky with sparkling light
the shadows cast upon the grass
and hidden light finds a place to stay
the earth cradles you in her arms
it’s beauty lulls you to a silent sleep
while the rivers run and the waters fall
and the earth rotates once more