You don’t want to eat that,

You’re not hungry, I swear.

That fatigue that you’re feeling?

Is definitely not there.

You’re getting even prettier,

With every bite you refuse.

Soon you’ll be thin,

And you will love you.


Body worship

I want to worship your body.

To take it in my embrace and feel its warmth.

I want to share the fire in our skin

And the ocean in our heartbeats.

I want to taste every dream

Every fear

And kiss it all away.

I want to hear what’s hidden in your bones

And smell the shadows you hide in your heart.

And I want to love every part of it.


Yet another video :)

I have made another video. This time i talk about the elements to converting to Islam, and my battle against an eating disorder that i overcame with the help of my family and Allah. (I did cry a little but i edited most of it out.) I would really appreciate and love you guys if you’d watch my video and like, comment, subscribe. Let me know what you want to hear next. Thank you! 🙂

New Hijab tutorial video!

Hey there my friends! I just uploaded my most recent video on 4 different ways to wear hijab. there is one style for everyday wear, one for sports, for glasses, and one for people who do not own or want to wear an undercap. I would greatly appreciate if you would like and subscribe, and comment what you would like to see more of. Thank you 🙂