How about now?

How about now?

I tell you of my differences

that i am not what i seem

i wipe off all my makeup

and throw away my frilly things

cut my hair and put on a hood

oh my goodness, i feel so good.

but wait.

you don’t like it, and i’m offending you?

you say this isn’t something i should choose.

you say i’ll never be the same

and i’m taking your “precious” daughter away.

you say “i’m losing you”

“You’re not my kid anymore”

you know, when i hit a certain age

i’m walking out that door

so i put on my makeup

and throw on a gown

you know that I will never be happy

but do you love your “precious” daughter now?


My best drawing

My best drawing

I’ve always been the girl who draws on everything during class, and I’ve been trying lately to keep drawing like I used to. I see a huge improvement, even if it looks kinda bad.

It was a drawing I made when I was feeling unaccepted and alone, and decided to draw how i saw myself. It looks nothing like me, but i like it.