Quick little story. I’ll call it “Secrets”

 I qrite short stories every day, and i’ve decided to start sharing them. This is my favorite from today, and it is 100% true about me and a friend with different names.

Jodie slipped her gym shorts on and sighed. It was the first day of school, and she had PE first semester. The clothes were drab, sweating was overrated, and the boys were pervs. It didn’t seem very promising.

Just as Jodie was pulling her shirt on, she saw her best friend from the previous year getting dressed at her locker. There was a sudden spark of excitement, and Jodie exclaimed, “Hey, Marin!”

Her friend turned around, surprised, then smiled hugely. “Jodie!HI!”

She gave her a big hug despite her toplessness, and they started to catch up while they got dressed for the gym activity. Marin was still lesbian and funny as eve, and Jodie was still the crazy pansexual girl she always had been. This is  how they became friends again at the beginning of the year.

Let’s fast forward 3 months later…

Jodie slipped off her gym shorts, trying to hide the self-harm cuts on her legs. She was yanking up her black jeans when she felt someone grasp her in a hug from behind.

It was Marin. and she whispered, “I saw. I’m, sorry. I thought you were better now, but i never asked.”

Jodie hugged her back and started to cry. Her friend wiped away her tears, and looked her in the eyes. 

“Jodie, it’s okay. I’m here for you, and I love you.”

Jodie smiled at the familiar loving face, and a thought popped in her head. She was finally ready to admit her feelings for her friend. The one person who was always there for her, and could make her laugh. It was time.