Changing your world

you throw off society

and pull on yourself

you’re tired of fitting in

and paining yourself

you look in the mirror

as your new self unfurls

and you smile at how

you just changed your whole world




I am so excited you guys! I am finally going to stop trying to fit in to social norms, and I’m going to start being a boy again. I’ll start binding again, stop wearing makeup, and just be happy again. I just wanted to share my excitement with you guys. (yes i have a pimple on my chin.)

Living your own life

Living your own life

Throw on some makeup

Put on a dress

Tease up your hair

You live to impress

Get back to your home

Cry about your self esteem

Wipe off your makeup in a rage

You wish you could scream

Realize you can still live

be your own self

Because how you look

doesn’t control your life

You take off the mask

you’ve been hiding behind

You feel your own breath

And it fills your mind

Flaunt your own beauty

Wear what you like

Now you can finally

Start living your own life

©2015, Abigail Badertscher

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